Faux Leather

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leather-7 leather-9 leather-14 leather-20 leather-8 leather-13 leather-22 leather-12 leather-19 leather-15 leather-16 leather-23 leather-24 leather-25 leather-27 leather-26 leather-28 leather-29 leather-31 leather-32 leather-33And just like that, midterms are over. Just survived the first of many dreaded midterm seasons to come, and at least for the time being, I can relax and breathe a little bit. Even though things are hectic as always, I’m starting to find a nice balance and starting to get the hang of college. Plus, lately I’ve been window shopping online like crazy. I’m dying to have some new pieces added to my closet, but my wallet is pleading for me to hold out a little bit longer. When people talk about how broke you become once you’re a college student, they’re not kidding. So in the meantime, I’m just going to continue to add things to my wish lists and save up for the pieces that I really have my heart set on.

With the weather getting a bit chillier in Cali, I can finally wear my (faux) leather jacket without feeling like I’m going to die of a heatstroke lol. I’ve always loved the fact that a leather jacket can really pull an outfit together while also making it look like you put a lot of effort into your outfit; when in actuality, you just threw it on and flew out the door. Not only that, but leather jackets in general always look badass, and I’m a huge fan of street style, so to kick it up a notch I paired it with some platform sneakers to keep the “edginess” going. Add some simple accessories like a watch, choker, sunnies, and viola! You have an outfit that not only looks like you put tons of effort into it, but also keeps you warm too.

I’ve also been having the weirdest urge to have straight bangs again (ironic considering I’ve had bangs for 12 years of my life and hated it), so I took some scissors and next thing you know, ta daaaa, I have bangs LOL. I do have a tendency to change hairstyles often though, so I left the bangs long enough to where I could still style them to the side if I grow tired of them; so now I have the best of both worlds woo hoo ^^

Outfit Breakdown:

Staple Pieces: 

Forever21 sports bra

Hollister faux leather jacket

Forever21 flannel

Forever21 shorts

Lagrace Mart platforms



Forever21 Sunglasses

Wego Earrings

Osewaya Choker

H&M Necklace

Aeropostale Watch

Tokidoki Star Clip

Photography by Sean Oshiro

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