Flannel Lovin’

  • Flannel Lovin’

Whoa. It’s 2017 already. It’s been a little over 2 months since my last blog post (it’s been a while I know), and a little less than a week since 2016 has ended. Feels like every time I write a new blog post, there’s paragraphs and paragraphs of new things that have happened in my life and that I’m dying to tell you guys all about, but for now I’ll just share some of my most memorable moments and spare the lil details. Just finished my first semester of college and boy, was it hectic and stressful lol. Finals in college are in a completely different ball park than finals in high school, so if you ever see a multitude of tweets from college students ranting about how they’re “dying from finals” and “haven’t slept in the past 3 days”,  they really aren’t kidding. Finals week is the one time in the year where you can see students dressed in the same hoodie and sweatpants for 3 days in a row and it’s socially acceptable because everyone understands that it’s finals week where everyone is in study mode 24/7. But with all that aside, I really enjoyed my first semester of college. I made many unforgettable memories (luckily some were caught on snapchat and saved to my camera roll lol) but most of all, I got to meet new people and experience things that I never thought I would. Very cliche I know, but it’s the truth, I promise.

Ever since sophomore year in high school, my go to look would be a flannel, a tank top, and shorts. It was always comfortable and I loved the fact that it was suitable for both cold (keep in mind Hawaii’s definition of cold is 60 degrees) and hot weather. Cold? Wear the flannel as you normally would with the sleeves all the way down to your wrists. Hot? Roll up your sleeves or even take off the flannel and tie it around your waist. Not only that, but I’ve also adored how flannels, just like most outerwear, pulls the outfit together. But unlike other outerwear, flannels are on the thinner side, so they’re more versatile in the way that they can be styled and worn. I decided to pair this flannel with knee high socks that had matching white stripes. Threw on a couple of accessories and my favorite red lipstick, and next thing you know, it’s as if my favorite high school outfit transitioned with me into college.

Outfit Breakdown:

Staple Pieces: 

Forever21 flannel

Ross Crisscross bralette

Forever21 tank top

American Eagle shorts

Aeropostale knee high socks

AliExpress platforms


Sunglass Spot glasses

Osewaya Earrings

Sevens Choker

Photography by Sean Oshiro

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    You look amazing in that styling
    cool heels

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