Play Your Cards Right

  • Play Your Cards Right

It’s March already? Waaat. I’m 19 years old now? WAAAAT. It feels like 2017 just started and now we’re already 3 months in. That’s crazy. I know most people hope that this year is going to be their year, but instead of wishing and praying, I’m going to make this my year, whether it wants to be or not.

So to kick things off for March (even though we’re midway into it already lol) I’ve pieced together another one of my more casual (but still looks like I put in a lot of effort) looks. I found this amazing long sleeve while browsing Shein after collecting my daily bonus points, and after seing the queen of spades card printed on both the back and the front, with the spades also being on the elbows, I just knew I had to add it to my closet.

When the weather is still cold enough to where you have to wear jeans but warm enough that you don’t necessarily have to layer, that’s where accessories comes in to really add an extra kick to the outfit. With both the jeans and the long sleeve being a bit more on the edgy side, I wanted to add a touch of femininity to the look by adding some jewelry and glasses to soften the look up. I also threw in 2 photos of just how much accessories can change the vibe of the look, switching out the hat and glasses for a Japanese styled face mask, which in turn gave the look a much more edgy vibe. Crazy how much accessories can change a look right?

Outfit Breakdown:

Staple Pieces: 

Shein long sleeve

Shein ripped jeans

AliExpress platforms


Sunglass Spot glasses (gold frame)

Daiso earrings

Forever21 choker

Photography by Sean Oshiro

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