Floral Blues

  • Floral Blues

It’s hot. And when I say it’s hot, man is it hot. Being in California for majority of this past school year and then coming back to Hawaii during its hottest and most humid season, takes more of a toll on your wardrobe than you’d think. It makes you think twice about adding a simple jacket or layers to an otherwise simple outfit because you know that you’ll end up sweating and dying of heat exhaustion later on; yikes.

Because I prefer to actually be able to enjoy the sunny weather rather than hating it, I’ve been loving wearing clothes that take advantage of the rare breezes that flows through the air and creates as much air circulation as possible; aka shorts, tanks, off the shoulder tops, and anything that’s on the thinner side when it comes to the materials that it’s made with. Whenever I see off the shoulder tops, I always think of either matching it with a skirt or jeans to give it more of a feminine look. And because the top had a floral pattern, I thought a solid colored skirt would help showcase the top & compliment it rather than competing against it. Threw on a choker (because what kind of Caitlin outfit would it be if there wasn’t a choker lol) and curled my hair to further up the femininity and now you have an outfit that’s not only cute to wear, but also fit for the weather.

On another note, I’ve recently bleached and toned my hair to grey, and I really am liking how it turned out. Although it’s already starting to fade back to an ashy blonde, I honestly don’t mind because it’s still a nice in between color that I don’t mind rocking until I have the time (and funds) to tone it back to grey again. I was kind of thinking of going one shade lighter so that the grey can really shine through, but this last bleaching session really killed my hair so as of now I’m going into a deep hair-care routine in hopes that it won’t feel like string cheese every time its wet. Wish me luck! (I’m gonna need it)

Outfit Breakdown:

Staple Pieces: 

Wego off the shoulder floral top

Wego tennis skirt (can you tell I that love Wego lol)

AliExpress platforms


Daiso earrings

Charlotte Russe choker

Photography by Sean Oshiro

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