Going Back To My Roots

  • Going Back To My Roots

Japan, I miss you.

When I think of Japanese fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is taking streetwear clothing and adding touches of femininity to it throughout the whole outfit. Back in summer 2k16 when I went to Tokyo, I saw countless girls wearing supreme or nike shirts, and then pairing it with a skirt, cute sandals, and dangly earrings to match. It was as if for every piece of streetwear clothing that they wore, they would wear 3 feminine accessories to even it out. I’ll admit, at first I didn’t like the look of the two styles merging together because I always believed that if you’re going to dress with a style in mind, to either go full out in it, or to not do it all. But after mixing some pieces of my own, it grew on me. It made me realize that fashion really doesn’t have any limits and that experimenting with new fits and with what makes you happy, is really what fashion is about.

Being half Japanese myself, I wanted to try and “go back to my roots” by coming up with an outfit that I could see myself wearing if I was out on the streets of Tokyo right now. Normally, I’d style this jersey in a more edgy way but because I was going for the more “mixed” look, I swapped out my platforms for wedges, mask for a hat, and shredded jeans for some faux leather ones. I also wanted to maintain a monochrome color scheme with just the slightest bit of color to add a little pop, and these tinted glasses had just the right amount. Japan is also really known for their over the top accessories, and what better way to showcase that then with a little faux fur ball choker and moon earrings straight from Tokyo itself.

Oh and by the way, did I mention that I cut about 5 inches off of my hair too? As I mentioned before, the last bleaching session I did really, and I mean, REALLY killed the ends of my hair (as if they weren’t fragile enough already) so to save the hair that was still pretty healthy and myself from having to see the split ends have a party on my brush every time I combed my hair, I pretty much cut all of my split and dead ends off. Not going to lie, I’ve always been very gung-ho on having long hair because I know if I ever were to get short hair I’d hate it; but as of right now I’m just going to have to get used to it if I want my hair to be able to withstand more bleaching in the long run.

Outfit Breakdown:

Staple Pieces: 

Jeans Warehouse “Killin’ It” mesh jersey

Forever21 faux leather shorts

Sevens Vans-inspired wedges


Forever21 Woven Straw Fedora Hat

Aldo “Goriano” tinted glasses

Osewaya earrings

Aldo “Foewet” choker

Photography by Kiana

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