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The amount of self growth that I’ve been doing this past month has been amazing, & I honestly couldn’t be happier. 

Without having to worry about classes, homework, and just school in general, summer is the perfect time to start doing more of what makes you happy, & less of what doesn’t. Want to exercise more? Do it. Want to wake up earlier? Do it. Summer is one of the only times where you can truly focus on you, & you alone.

Not only did I want to use this summer to make a decent amount of money that I could later use in college when needed & not have to suck up more of my parents money (as if college isn’t already, yknow, $40k a year) but one of the main things that I wanted to accomplish was to create consistent, yet better content on my blog. I wanted to do a full-dive into the fashion industry, & what better way to do it than during a homework-free, test-free break? During the school year, I didn’t have a good balance between school and my personal life nor did I necessarily use my time as best as I could have either. So I wanted to try and find a “schedule” (is that what you would call it? idk) that would challenge me to constantly update this and my social media; while also being reasonable enough to where I wouldn’t get so easily discouraged from being too optimistic. Set a few goals for myself this month in my new bullet journal (upcoming blog post stay tuned!!) and I’m going to try my best to stick to it! ^^

I’ve never been a huge fan of stripes (not even sure why to be honest), but after I saw this top on a mannequin in the store, I just knew I needed it in my wardrobe. Especially with summer typically having humid weather all the time, sometimes it’s nice to wear a top that doesn’t completely stick to you like glue after walking around on a nice sunny day. Off-the-shoulder tops have always been on the more feminine side because of how it showcases your collarbone and shoulders, so I wanted to complement the top rather than fight it with solid patterned shoes and bottoms. Plus with my hair being dark purple again (say whaaaat) it kept majority of the outfit in cool tones which was pretty cool too.

Outfit Breakdown:

Staple Pieces: 

Charlotte Russe Top

Brandy Melville Skirt

Sevens Vans-inspired Wedges


Sunglass Spot glasses (gold frame)

Osewaya Earrings

Charlotte Russe Choker

Photography by Kiana

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