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  • Change of Scenery

I rarely go on hikes, but maybe it’s time for a change

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be from Hawaii and to be able to call this place my home. If you’re looking for adventures, Hawaii is the place to be. But as I got older, I just started doing less outdoorsy things. Add in the fact that majority of my friends also aren’t very active either and I think you can figure out the rest from here.

Recently though, my friend had the idea of wanting to do a hike and then shoot some photos afterwards (hence wearing falsies on a hike; not going to lie they almost flew away lol) and to be quite honest, I was very hesitant about this. Hikes are not only time consuming, but they also have a good amount of strenuous activity; and photo shoots is the one time where I want to look my best. But fortunately both the hike and shoot was successful, not to mention the fact that the view at the top of the hike is beautiful, and I mean beauuutiful.

I’ve always adored nature and just how pretty the world really is in its natural state. Despite having a pretty decent camera, I don’t think a picture will ever even compare to seeing it in real life. There’s just a certain state of tranquility that you feel when you’re up on a mountain, just enjoying the view and taking it in all its glory. I can guarantee you, that no matter who you’re with, there will always be a moment where everyone is quiet because they’re basking in the beauty of it as well. And I really enjoy moments like that, where everyone is on the same page even though not a single word has been spoken. Even though I’m flying back to California soon, I’m determined to experience more moments like this.

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Note to self: I am going to make you so proud

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